HFIA Wood show 2009


This show is independent from the MWWG, but I have posted the pictures here, since many Maui woodworkers entered, and it is our only statewide wood show.

These are my snapshots of the show at the opening night, no or few captions provided.
Will take a while to load, about 40 pictures, scroll down. The show was held at the Linekona Art Center, Honolulu

Opening night



Demi lune table by Mats Fogelvik



Round tables by Steve Hynson.



Desk by John Wittenburg





Table by Robert Lippoth



The vase to the right by Gerald Filipelli, Maui





"The Jewel" by Mats Fogelvik





Hall table by Ricardo Vasquez



Side table by Shaun Fleming


  Alan is telling a fishing story, Mike is hardly believing....